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Aviation Management Resources and Development


Our Services

Locations and Capability

Our people and online systems are established from Auckland to Invercargill.

Please contact us to discuss how we can support your company and projects.


We have the expertise and people to support the launch or recertification of aviation organisations with all the relevant material to facilitate an AOC in Rule Parts 119 135/125/121, Part 139 Certificated Aerodromes, Part 141 Aviation Training Organisations, Part 145 AMO and Part 115 Adventure Aviation Certification.


We have dedicated Flight Operations experts in General Aviation, Agricultural, Flight Training, Domestic and Internal Operations. All are vetted as Fit and Proper Senior Persons by the CAA, and are capable of mentoring your operation to full certification and offer operational support on demand.


Our Engineering experts can setup your Part 145 Maintenance Facility, hold a senior role, or mentor your own staff to certification and beyond. 


We have experienced consultants specialising in Aerodrome and Operational Network support, scheduling and crew management. 

Safety Management

Our Safety Management System support includes online resources which exceeds industry standards, is customisable to your companies needs, expandable and cost effective. 

All our consultants are SMS Qualified and can guide you through the SMS process including our own online SMS induction training modules. 

Senior Persons

Many of our Operators have our consultants embedded within their management system, holding Occurrence Investigators roles and Safety Assurance positions, this provides you and your clients the satisfaction of independent and an external review of your companies performance and safety culture. 

Management Resources

Management Review and Safety Performance Indicator analysis resources can be provided to support your leadership team on request.


Online Solutions

QAOSH AviationSMS online solutions complement the services offered by our consultancy team by providing controlled Safety and Risk reporting coupled to a suite of Risk Management and Dashboard tools online.

Our system architecture is very flexible, enabling a wide variety of additional modules that have been developed in response to feedback from our industry partners and the CAA since our launch in 2016, and can scope and deploy additional modules customised to suit your specific requirements on request.


Popular examples of these include a Flight and Duty system, Flight Test Failure Reporting and a Parachute Malfunction Tracking and Analysis module. 

Modern Office

About Us

Since 1999, QAOSH has provided a wide variety of aviation organisations Certification and documentation support, external audit and assurance services and Senior Persons expertise across New Zealand and the South Pacific.


The full suite of QAOSH AviationSMS services and online solutions offers your operation comprehensive SMS and Safety Assurance through secure online tools, exposition preparation and ongoing audit support.

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